We all need one at some point.

What is a Mentervention?

Are you a woman dealing with a guy who won’t return your calls?  Do you extend excuses for that really sweet guy who doesn’t know the basic forms of chivalry?  Are you constantly searching for that “happy medium” of man, but end up with a ignornamous psycho or asinine (albeit sweet) pushover?

Have you read He’s Just Not That Into You until your eyes bleed, yet still can’t recognize when guys just aren’t that into you?  Are you dating a guy and after a couple of years, you still haven’t talked about the C-word: long-term commitment?

Girlfriend, you are in DIRE need of a Mentervention.

On the flip side…

Are you a man?

Congrats!  You’ve qualified.  You’re in (desperate) need of a Mentervention.

That’s where we come in.  Consider us a slap in the face with a southern accent.  We tell you how it is while batting our eyelashes.  We can say “you’re a dumbass” and you’ll feel as if you read it straight from the bible for one reason: what we say is true.

We don’t beat around the bush or string you along (like many of you ladies have probably encountered in your relationships).  We also won’t deal with your crap (which, as a man getting a Menter, you probably won’t like at first).  But what we say is insightful and provide valid reasoning and arguments… which makes it hard to differ with our point of view — that is, if you’re man or woman enough to take it.

We want to help.  So we’ll Men-tervene, give you some style tips, suggest gifts for those pesky anniversaries we all worry about, even help you bachelors find a date!

Get ready.  We are.

– The Mentervention Specialists

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Ladies want it, men need it.

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