For the record

Mentervention, if anything, is for women. If men pick up on things I talk about, great. But mostly, it’s for women.

In life, you don’t rant to guys about other guys. (However, I do know men can gossip equally, if not more than women.) You rant to your girlfriends about guys. Your guy friends are the ones you hang out with to feel good, laugh, talk sports, whatever. You don’t get down and dirty about emotions and how you hate how this guy your dating treats you… or whatever.

On the other hand, your guy friends can give great insight to the male species. Hence why I use this blog a lot for surveys. I want to know more about that. I’m curious.

The interesting thing about this blog is that I simultaneously speak to the man and the woman. Sometimes posts are directed towards a specific gender, however, I incorporate the advice to target both men and women. It gets hard sometimes, however, because I am a woman (obviously). It’s hard for me not to feel certain emotions and keep unbiased when addressing things.

The moral of the story? Mentervention isn’t to bash men. It’s not to demasculate, to hurt, to ridicule. Well, maybe ridicule sometimes. Frankly, some things you guys think you can get away with aren’t acceptable. But the blog is meant, truly, to help and be an outlet for women. A “mentervention” started off as something that women needed — not men — because they were dating a loser or someone who didn’t treat them with any respect. From there, it just spawned into a few posts to guys, re: hygeine, proper forms of communication, things you can and cannot do. But for the most part, Mentervention is the scroll accompanying the red flag that’s already been steadily waving in your relationship.

I love men. I hold my male friendships close to my heart because they offer something different than a female companion: brute force. If I’m doing something they don’t like, they’ll call me out on it, no holds barred. Not to mention they’re hilarious. I’m not a feminist; a he-woman man hater. I’m just a chick who calls it like I see it.

Anyway, had to get that out in the open. I’ve become all too accustomed to the question, “Are you afraid of writing Mentervention for fear no man will want to date you?”  Thanks for terrifying me, but no. I’m not afraid that a man will not want to date me based on how I write this column. If a guy doesn’t want to date me because I blog, see ya later. If a man doesn’t want to date me because he doesn’t like the content of this blog, he’s obviously not a guy I’m trying to be with. The man I’m trying to date isn’t riddled with insecurities because his girlfriend writes about the dumb@ss things men do sometimes. 🙂

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